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Jesus The Way Ministries is a registered Non-governmental Christian  organization. It started by Pastor.K.Abraham & Sis. Ruth whom God called for the people who lost in darkness of slums and remote hills of India.  In 2003 it was registered with 25 churches associated and formed to serve its congregations associated and proclaim Gospel to the remote rural and tribal villages of India. This ministry based on the  message of Jesus in the book of Mathews 25:35-45. It has FCRA from the Government of India to handle the funds for its Christian and community help since 2006. The main goal of this ministry is to fulfil the call of Jesus in Marks 16:15,16.

                    On 31 Dec, 2015, God has given us a new vision to build the campus "The House India". We are called for train the young lads as Pastors and send them to the remote villages to plant  churches. Our prayer of  waiting on God for provision of A new property of 3 Acers for building mission Campus. Join with us for this great call of God and Bless India with Gospel.


Bible says the whole world created by Jesus.(Col1:16) So Jesus is God and God is Love and all who live in Love, live in God.(I John4:16). When you love God, you have to love your Neighbour. The best gift you can give your Neighbour is Jesus and His  Gospel of Redemption. This is the vision of Jesus The Way Ministries to bring all the people to be "united" in to One Family that is "Universal Church" to share together Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Salvation, His love, His compassion, His divinity, His light and Character through out our life and to generations  through this ministries. Come in to our Family of Jesus Christ.


"The House India" A vast meaningful Project with "A Campus Ministry" in India with three Objectives, centralised with Gospel of Jesus Christ Intended mainly to "Reach the Unreached" in slums and Hills and valleys India.

1. Evangelism with church plantations, LeadershipTrainings, Gospel Campaigns with Technical and Spiritual tools. Develop Leaders 

2. Invite missionaries around the world and involve them in proclaim the Gospel and provide voluntary opportunities.

3. Provide Humanitarian services to improve sustainable skills through Education, Training, Health, awareness campaigns, daily need provisions to poverty stricken, slum, tribal people through charity projects.


East Godavari District is situated on the North East of Andhra Pradesh located in South India. Agency area of the District is the home of 2.36 lakhs Primitive Tribal population mostly concentrated in 15 mandals of the District. 741 villages. Total Population of East Godavari is 49.64 lacks out of which Tribal people are  6,34,866.  Konda Reddies, Koya Dora, Konda Kapu, Valmiki, Mannam Dora, Konda Kammara are  the primitive tribal group of this area, have been classified as primitive tribal group  because they practice primitive Agriculture and their literacy is abnormally low. Most of the population lives in remote villages among the hills, have income abut $0.5 per day if they have labour work. People still lives in Barbarian culture f Idol worship and which crafts. 

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